We provide a one stop shop for filmmakers, producers, event coordinators, and many others in the entertainment and media industries.

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Event Cinema

Event Cinema combines the experience of a special event with the comfort and convenience of the cinema. This makes concerts, operas, plays and exhibits accessible on a far greater scale. These can range from live events broadcast via satellite to short run special features. We have experience bringing a variety of these events to the big screen.

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Theatrical Distribution & Marketing

Our strategies enable you to maximize opportunities for your film. ESP will create and manage a theatrical distribution and marketing campaign that brings your film to the perfect theaters in the right cities.

The key in our strategies is creating ‘Event Cinema’ where possible. This creates excitement around the release and gives fans targeted dates when the film will be playing in their town.

ESP will oversee the following:

  • Booking of targeted theaters
  • Encrypted digital distribution of your film and trailers
  • Creating the theater’s marketing support for the film
  • Publicity
  • Overseeing social media campaigns
  • Community building
  • Impactful imaging of your film
  • Poster printing and shipping
  • Media buying
  • Radio promotions, contests and interviews
  • Worldwide Theatrical Distribution

Bottom line…we’re the perfect one-stop partner to distribute and market your film!

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Video On Demand & Direct to Consumer Sales

This is the perfect time to maintain all your rights and ownership of your film and maximize opportunities via VOD and direct-to-consumer sales.

ESP will work with you to determine the best deals and partners that allow you to sell your film directly to consumers, as well as placing your film on VOD, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and other outlets.

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Social Media Engagement

ESP will oversee a social media campaign that builds community, maintains relationships with your consumers and delivers an engaging call to action when the film is in theaters or available for other purchases.

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